A before and after story:

A before and after story: One of my best friends from uni is coming to stay next week, so I thought I should tidy up the spare room. Especially because she would have trouble finding the bed if I didn’t! So I decided I would put Mimi Tanner’s ‘Doll House Method’ into practice. It is […]

Boxes and drawers

Right now, I am caught up in the ‘boxes and drawers’ stage of my clutter clearing. Here’s what I mean by the ‘boxes and drawers’ stage: I am in LOVE with boxes. Literally. The other day we were in Ikea and it seemed like they had more boxes and storage solutions than ever before. There […]

Live More, Want Less

Live More, Want Less The above is the title of a book by Mary Carlomagno. I think it is a great Mantra. Live More, Want Less. Ultimately I believe we need to learn, or should I say, Re-Learn how to live with less stuff. We don’t really need 80% of the things we have. And […]

What is your Storage personality?

So I have just taken this quiz: http://www.bhg.com/decorating/storage/quiz/ Feel free to take it too, and let me know how difficult you found it to be completely honest. I mean hwo many people are going to actually admit to the fact that they pile up their post for weeks on end and then eventually just stick […]

Decluttering my wardrobe..

So I think I may have told you how I recently decluttered my wardrobe… It took a whole morning, and virtually all I did was put all my clothes on the bed and then go through every item and decide whether it should go in the –throw away- pile, the –keep- pile or the –give […]

Furnishing a home and Clutter

Hi everyone, I am very excited to tell you about an article of mine which has been published in a local magazine here in Mallorca, where I live. I was commissioned to write about ‘Furnishing your home on a Budget’, and in order to do so I had to meet and interview several interior design […]

If you don’t use it, lose it

Great mantra huh? I think I am going to try and keep it in mind this week. It worked for me last night, when I finally decided to face my wardrobe. It’s that time of year, when it is not really long-sleeve weather and it is quite time to pack away all the tights and […]

The Monday Motivation Factor

It’s Monday today. Sigh. It’s that dreaded day when you feel you have to ”get up and at em” and GET THINGS DONE. Which I feel is essentially a good thing as you feel more motivated to do things on a Monday then you maybe do the rest of the week. Don’t all exercise regimes […]

Living in a ‘throw away society’

I have been pondering a lot lately and writing very little. I read somewhere that ‘clutter is a problem of the new millenium’ and I think that is so true. Never before have humans been drowning in so much stuff, feeling lost in our own homes. Surely it should be simple. But the problem seems […]

Living out of a suitcase, clutter free

I am on holiday with my husband at the moment, and being away from home has put a whole new perspective on my clutter problems. Being on holiday and away from home for a few days is always relaxing and I realise now that one of the reasons it is so relaxing is that you […]

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