Clutter Clearing

How to Reclaim Your Home and Your Life in 6 Easy Steps

I feel that most of the time the clutter and mess in my home is just a manifestation of how I am feeling;

Under-confident, Upset, Frustrated, Not in Control.

It is like a vicious circle, the mess gets worse because I am upset about other issues, and I get more upset because I am surrounded by clutter.

That’s why I was very inspired to read Stephanie Roberts’ book Clutter Clearing from the Inside Out. She uses her knowledge of Feng Shui to help you examine why the clutter is there and what you can do to clear your clutter in a permanent way.

She compares clearing your clutter to clearing emotional issues or baggage – a difficult process which requires courage and commitment.

Sometimes you need to let go of things to be able to let go of past problems, issues or stories in your life.

It is super interesting to read how one of the bases of Feng Shui is a clutter free home. It is no use rearranging your furniture according to this ancient art if your home if still full of clutter. Mess and clutter prevents energy from flowing properly and can cause major blockages which then rub off on you and your mood.

Stephanie’s book shows you how to clear your clutter and reclaim your life in 6 easy steps.

She calls these steps the ‘six steps to freedom’ and takes you through each room or area of your house, helping you decide what needs to be cleared and why. The book also advises you on how to maintain a clutter free life, what habits you need to put into place to avoid the mess accumulating again, and what you need to keep doing to keep things tidy.

‘’When you clean up your clutter you do more than uncover the surface of your dining table for the first time in years—you also uncover a deeper sense of who you are and what makes you truly happy.’’ Stephanie Roberts, author of Clutter Clearing from the Inside Out.

Stephanie’s book helped me:

– Assess the reason why I find it so difficult to declutter
– Help me through the emotional process of dealing with my clutter
– Guided me through creating a home which is feng shui attuned, comfortable and full of joy
– Establish guidelines so that I can maintain my beautiful home in the long term

I highly recommend reading it:
– and start feeling better about yourself and your home
– take control of your clutter and gain confidence in yourself
– find the courage to face the issues that are bringing you down and making a mess in your life and in your home

Do not leave your clutter for tomorrow!

Read Stephanie’s book and start clearing your clutter !

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